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Does Your Business Suffer From Athazagoraphobia?

Nathan Chilton
Owner/Graphic & Web Designer

Do you even know what athazagoraphobia is? Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten. But you don't have to suffer, the experts at Chilton Signs have a treatment plan!

As business owners, we are constantly adjusting to make sure we offer the products and services our customers want. It's a lot of work and sometimes you might feel like despite your best efforts you're not getting the results you expected. Customers have a lot of choice and tons of tools to help them make the decision of where to go. They create an expectation based on online reviews, recommendations from friends and family, or their own personal experience. And we all want to meet or exceed customer expectations. So how do we make sure our businesses are "top-of-mind" and don't get forgotten? How do the experts at Chilton Signs cure athazagoraphobia? Treatments include:

  • Have an online presence that is supported by social media pages - Our web designers will design and implement a website that works with your social media presence, and then show you the tips and tricks of advertising on Facebook and Google
  • Keep your branding consistent - Our graphic designers make sure your print marketing is consistent
  • Use vehicle graphics to always be advertising - We've been installing vehicle wraps and graphics for over 10 years
  • Make sure your business signage looks great and is in good order - Our LED and electrical sign experts can repair a broken sign or install new one
  • Update your logo - Our Illustrators can update an old logo or create a new one for you

So here are just a few steps you can take as a business owner to meet or exceed your customer's expectations and stay "top-of-mind" when they need your services.

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